WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature Coming

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WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature Coming

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Published in > General · 9 January 2022
With new features coming to Whatsapp every day, promotions are made behind them. Whatsapp will introduce a brand new feature in its new promotion: the feature of disappearing in messages.

WhatsApp is coming up with its new feature recently. Whatsapp content, which is owned by Facebook, now comes with the disappearing message feature. What is this feature? How to use the Whatsapp disappearing message feature? It has recently become the subject of curiosity. You will now be able to automatically delete your messages by counting the number of days. In this way, you can request the deletion of your automatic message with the people you have interviewed for a few days, and also have all your reset operations done.

Using WhatsApp Disappearing Message Feature

WhatsApp conversations will now disappear automatically at the end of 7 days. This feature, as a new feature by WhatsApp, will be put into use on both iOS and Android phones with the upcoming update. When individuals using individual WhatsApp enable this feature on both sides while chatting, the feature will be activated and used directly.

What will happen if there is a group call on Whatsapp? You may be thinking. In such cases, the WhatsApp disappearing message feature can be activated. Here, the group administrator can directly activate the disappearing message feature, and in this way, simple messaging can disappear automatically after 7 days.

Your messages will disappear automatically after 7 days in your conversations with the lost messages feature turned on. If you have shared photos and videos in its content, it will disappear on both sides, and with this new feature, users will succeed if they want their individual messaging to be deleted from both sides at the end of 7 days.

With this new feature active, you can either take screenshots or copy the messages somewhere before automatically deleting them. WhatsApp, which allows you in this direction, also allows you to copy the messages that will be automatically deleted at the end of 7 days if you want.

It is currently not active on all devices, and WhatsApp is gradually expanding this feature to users. While this feature is activated in all users in a short time, you can activate and use the disappearing message feature by turning it on. You will be able to open this feature from the window located in the upper right corner of the WhatsApp chat screen and you will be able to use it effectively with the disappearing message feature.

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