What Is AMP, What Does It Do?

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What Is AMP, What Does It Do?

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Published in > Seo · 9 January 2022
What Is AMP, What Does It Do?
Before explaining who uses AMP for what purpose, we ask "What does AMP mean?" Let's start with the question, AMP's long name is Accelerated Mobile Pages, the Turkish equivalent of this name is "Accelerated Mobile Pages". As the name suggests, the purpose of using the AMP encoding method is to access the content on your website faster on mobile.

It aims to increase the number of users on mobile using Google AMP. For this reason, AMP stores the sites using the coding system in its cache and makes access faster when the user wants to access this site from the mobile.
When you configure the page with AMP, you provide a much faster access to your site users. AMP also provides traffic convenience to your site's server. In this sense, AMP encoding is extremely useful. Perhaps the most important of the success criteria of a website today is user experience.

If a user does not have a quick and easy experience on the website they are accessing, they are hesitant to visit the site again. As mobile access increases day by day, it becomes essential to use AMP.

Content is loaded when a user visits a website. Although the user does not notice this, there are actually many actions that take place during content loading. The browser loads the HTML page and all ads, images, fonts on the website are displayed to the user.

If the resources need to come from a different server, it may take time for the website to load completely. This prolongation of time is against the website. Speed ​​is extremely important for internet users. Too slow loading of a website causes the user to prefer another site that loads faster. AMP technology allows your site to load quickly on mobile without sacrificing design quality.

Google AMP allows the website to load from its own version of inventory, not from the source of its choice. Therefore, Google AMP was created with the fastest web technologies. For example, JavaScript, which has a reputation for slow loads, has been blocked by AMP.

Only in some pre-approved cases, AMP allows the use of JavaScript. Web pages using AMP technology are hosted on Google servers, so they run faster.

When you search for a word on Google, seeing a lightning bolt next to the results indicates that the web page is AMP compliant. Another way to tell you are on one of the Google AMP pages is to have a Google address in the URL bar instead of the original website. It is not possible to turn off Google AMP. When you visit an AMP-enabled site after doing a Google search, you will be directed to the AMP version.

So what is WordPress AMP? For those who set up a website on WordPress, WordPress AMP setup is very important. Thus, the WordPress site will run fast and flawlessly on mobile. For WordPress users who don't want to lose their mobile visitors, AMP is one of the first topics to be researched.

To enable the use of WordPress AMP, you must first install the AMP plugin. After installing the plugin, AMP can also be used on WordPress sites. After setup, Google Test Tool can be used to test Google AMP.

AMP technology has its advantages as well as its flaws. First of all, AMP offers limited HTML, JavaScript and CSS support. This means that you cannot use these technologies on your website. However, AMP does not support the analysis platform other than Google Analytics. This means that when you start using Google AMP, you have to say goodbye to other analytics platforms you want to use on your website.

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