Steve Jobs and Business Management

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Steve Jobs and Business Management

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Published in > The Business World · 9 January 2022

Steve Jobs and Business Management

Steve Jobs is one of the most interesting characters I have read and tried to understand. Personality and life line are not very suitable for our world of belief and culture. As a father, I definitely do not want any of my children to be friends with him, but his passion for his job, innovation, perfectionism, detail, ambition, determination, self-confidence and marketing approach make me envy. S what they did in 1970-80 with Steve Wozniak, I'm not going to tell me it can not find their dreams in 2019 in Turkey quite the üzüyor.siz Steve Jobs's life. I would like to share some of my noteworthy notes on Jobs' brief life that interest me.

Never Give Up
"Sometimes life hits your head with a brick," Jobs said in his speech at Stanford University. "Do not lose your faith," he says. There is no possibility of life without any ups and downs. We have to put forth the best of what we do with patience and love.

Focus on what you do
When Steve Jobs returned to the company from which he was fired in 1997, 12 different products were produced at Apple. Jobs rapidly reduced their product range. He focused on specific products. Companies go for a variety of products for two different reasons. First, they do not have the money and the narrow product range is not enough for the financial continuity of the company. Financial income is generated with additional products. Second, the company has a monkey appetite and wants to produce and sell everything itself. In any case, this situation causes focus problems in the work done.

Quality and the maximum income that can be obtained are falling in direct proportion. Especially in a mistake that we make as Turkish companies, it is a mistake of spending time in different sectors that are not related to our main project and our business, when we say let's not put all the eggs in one basket and divide the risk. A Russian proverb says "Whoever chases a few rabbits cannot catch any one." Our statement "Two watermelons cannot fit in one seat" is the filtered version of the experience. In summary, if you have full confidence in your project, product, company, and yourself, we need to lose focus time and cash by diving into another business.

Time to Say New Things - Continuous Innovation
His Holiness Mevlana says (1207 - 1273); "It is good to migrate from somewhere every day, How nice to be put somewhere every day, how pleasant it is to flow without knowing, freezing, I went with yesterday dear. those who tell. The helpless always take refuge in the past and talk about history. Now is the time to make history.

Although Steve Jobs is the son of a different world and a different time, the truth does not recognize time and place. In many frames of his life, people around him know well that Henry Ford said, "If I asked what the customer wanted, he would demand a faster horse." Whatever we say ahead of time, innovation, innovation, I think that Jobs's only success is innovation. "People mostly don't know what they want until you show them to them" summarizes this.

Seek Perfection
“Do your best: Try to do your best in everything you do. Success brings new success. Recruit people with a passion for excellence. ”

Product First
Quality products rather than profitable products lie at the heart of Jobs' success. Management approach is based on the philosophy of focus on the product and achieve perfection.

Building a quality team

with Businessweek magazine in 1998, Steve Jobs said, “You should never be content with the average, but try to find the best. You should create a team of A quality employees. Your job starts with recruitment and continues with creating a team and working environment.

You should create such an environment that employees are aware that they are working with people who are as talented as they are and that the work they do is greater than themselves. They should know that the work they do will make a huge impact and they are part of a strong and clear vision. '

Give importance to your brand image
Jobs wasn't just making a great product. At the same time, he was following his work meticulously at all stages that would reach the customer, from the packaging of the product to its advertisement and store concept.

We Can Change The World
Steve's "Those who change the world are only people who are crazy enough to think they can." I was very happy when I read his word.  Steve Jobs added a different color to the technology world and left us at a young age. Jobs' approach to what he does and pursuing his dreams passionately will shed light on us. I hope we have successful people like Steve Jobs.

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