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Ping Services

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Published in > Seo · 9 January 2022
Ping Services
The content you write on your website may appear instantly on your site, but it may take time for the content you write by search engines to be visited and registered by bots. The only thing you will need here is ping services.

If the content on your site is indexed late, your articles can be taken and published on other sites by content thieves who follow your site and copy and publish your articles on other sites, and it can get indexed faster on the site where it is published. This means that the article you took time to write is not original for your site. More new sites meet these problems. Old and established sites may not need ping services because they are constantly visited by search engines. Although it is not recommended to use a large number of ping services, if the articles you write are indexed too late, you can use whatever you want from the list of ping services we will give below and ensure that your content is indexed in a shorter time.

If we need to define ping services, we can say that they are large data stores. Since these services are constantly visited by search engines, sending the content we write to any of these services automatically enables the bot to visit our site and the content we write to be registered in search engines as soon as possible.

In addition, site owners using WordPress infrastructure can register new ping services for faster indexing by entering the "Settings" and then "Writing" tab from the Admin panel and automatically ensure that the content they write is sent to these sites automatically. Below we will give examples of ping services that may be useful for you, if you do not have an automatic ping program, you can check the services here and do it manually through some of them.


You can use the above list for wordpress or ping programs. Also;


By entering the sites manually, by typing the url address of the content you wrote in the relevant sections, you can send your article to more than one ping service and get it indexed quickly.

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