How Telecommuting Has Accelerated Digitalization in Companies?

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How Telecommuting Has Accelerated Digitalization in Companies?

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Published in > E-Commerce · 9 January 2022
How has remote working accelerated digitalization in companies?
With the outbreak of the coronavirus outbreak, many people started working remotely. Companies also quickly switched to this method by adjusting VPN connections and user accounts, with some compulsion. Although some employees had difficulties at first, adaptation to this process did not take long, thanks to the large number of digital collaboration and communication tools available.

The good news is that this flexible working model will become more functional in the future.
Telecommuting doesn't just strengthen a company's agility and flexibility. It significantly accelerates digitalization and therefore competitiveness. Flexible working style can remain in our lives during the normalization process, in fact, by applying it to certain employees or by establishing a transformative structure.

It used to be conceivable that including freelancers in a temporary project would have a negative impact on your company. However, during the epidemic process, we saw that some employees can be much more efficient, especially with this method. Because they can easily adjust their social lives accordingly, and they can allocate the time they spend on the road to productivity. So now people working remotely and from the office can form teams and run jobs together.

Remote workers can also be important for corporate development. In this way, resources can be saved and concentrated on the core business. Freelancers bring their expertise and full competencies to the project so they can complete tasks as quickly as possible. Companies and teams can also benefit from this synergy and achieve new gains. At this point, the question arises of how companies can adapt to this working model and expand their business digitally despite the distances. As long as you find the person that fits the company profile, different working hours or distance won't matter.
Remote workers do not only have to work in the IT field. Remote working can be efficient in various fields such as graphic design, marketing or management. Companies can collaborate with remote workers in the short term or long term. An effective role definition makes it possible to filter out a large number of different profiles.

Recently, we have seen that not only the existing employees but also the recruitment processes have moved to digital. The success rate of online interviews and job interviews cannot be underestimated. Mass remote work, which we are testing with the coronavirus soon, is expected to play a more active role in our lives. This method, which accelerates digitalization, may be a condition for efficiency in the near future.

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