Designing a catchy logo

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Designing a catchy logo

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Published in > E-Commerce · 9 January 2022
I guess, the importance of your logo symbolizing your brand can be understood by keeping your brand in mind. Of course, it is necessary to make an effort for this. It is necessary to know and analyze certain issues well. If we remember many brands with their logos today, it is necessary to know that there is a good work and good analysis behind it.

Types of Brand Logo

Word-oriented logos: These types of logos are logos that highlight the word without using additional images, symbols and icons. As an example, we can give companies such as Ebay, IBN, CCN, Google.

Letter-oriented logos: These are logos with a single letter in the focus. Examples include Honda, Uber, and McDonalds.

Picture-oriented logos: Logos created with pictures or symbols. Examples include Starbucks and Twitter.

Logos with abstract concepts: logos created from abstract graphics. Nike can be given as an example of this type of logo.
What should you do to design a catchy brand logo?

Determine Your Logo Type

After determining the name of your brand, it is time to determine the logo that will symbolize your brand. You should choose the logo type that best suits your brand identity. After examining the types we mentioned, the detail you should pay attention to when choosing your logo is that your logo should be remarkable and catchy. In addition, if your brand is an unknown brand, you should not choose the visual and letter-oriented logo type. This situation causes your logo not to be remembered by the consumers.

Determine your target audience
Analyzing your target audience well helps you design your logo. Many details such as which age range, gender, related areas, etc. help you design your logo.

You can also make your job easier by dividing people into 3. For example, if your target is a young audience, if your logo is a more dynamic or corporate audience, the colors and texts you choose should be more corporate. In this way, you will target your logo correctly.

Color Choice

The choice of color depends on many situations. First of all, of course, you should pay attention to your target audience and then to be catchy. You should determine the colors you will use in your logo by investigating the meanings of colors and determining the impression they give to people. While determining, you should not forget your brand identity.

Font Selection

Font selection is as important as the color selection. Again, a stage that can change according to your target audience. To determine the font, you need to examine almost all fonts. Because each font type has different properties and different messages. If you say which is the most common. Serif and Sans Serif fund types are used most frequently. Serif fonts are referred to as quoted fonts in Turkish. It is important to determine the target audience well at this stage. Because Serif fonts are generally used in institutional works. Sans Serif is known as sans serif fonts. And they create a more modern, dynamic and vibrant font. If your target is younger audiences, you can use this font type. But there are other font types available. We definitely recommend you to review the others.

You Can Get Help from a Professional while Designing Your Logo or You Can Design Your Own

It is necessary to do all the steps we have said to design a logo correctly. In other words, you should determine the correct target analysis, correct color and font selection completely. These choices are not as easy as they seem. Therefore, working with a professional ensures that all these stages are determined more accurately. Moreover, we should not ignore their experience and their better visual choices.

However, of course, you can design it yourself using the logo tools on the internet. You can also design your logo by training yourself with trial and error methods.

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